September 2020 Newsletter

Another month has rolled by and fall is in the air. It has been a difficult summer for some of us as we haven't felt that it is safe to travel or have many visitors. We couldn't have visitors join us at the pool for a time, the clubhouse was closed and there were other inconveniences. Our board tried to keep all of us safe and as we have many residents in the older age bracket who are more susceptible to the Coronavirus and that meant enforcing the rules. All Property Owner Associations have Covenants and Rules and Regulations that were written and approved by the homeowners living in the development to create a safe, attractive, friendly, and well maintained place to live. The Covenants are filed with the city. We don't have a life guard at the pool so the rules there are for the safe guard and comfort of all. Many of us moved to Cooper Estates because of the rules. Your board is currently in the process of revising ours as they are in need of some clarification and simplified so that they will be clear to all. The revised Covenants and Rules will be voted on by all residents when they are finished. A copy of the current Covenant and Rules and Regulations may be had by contacting Kim in the office or on our website. Let's be courteous to our neighbors by being friendly and respectful.

Another undertaking by the Board has been to work with the city Commission to prevent the changing of the original agreement with the developers of the property on our northwest corner. Our original agreement was that the lots close to us would be office sites but now the developer wants to build a strip mall. An attorney has been hired and of Director of Operations, Frank Gardner and other residents have attended the city commision meetings. The matter was tabled at the August meeting, postponed in September, and is set for October 8th. You should have received information as to where and to whom to write letters and emails to express our concerns.

The social committee is planning to have our annual ice cream social on Saturday, September 19th at 6:00. It will be a little different this year as we will just have ice cream and sit out on the south patio and pool area but at least we can greet our neighbors by wearing our masks and sitting 6 feet apart. The pool will close on Monday, September 28.

Let's wear our masks, stay 6 feet apart so that we stay well. Greet your neighbor when outside, have coffee outside with them and talk on the phone.

Political Signs: until the new By-Laws and Covenants are completed, the POA has accepted and will follow the following rules concerning political signs:

Signs may only be in your personal front yard landscaping 14 days prior to the election and must be removed the day after the election. Signs must be 18" x 24" or smaller. Only 1 sign per candidate and 3 signs total.

Lawn Service: Frank is currently training some new members of his lawn crew. Please remember to be patient and courteous. If you do not have any concerns, please contact Frank or Kim and not the lawn crew members.

Sprinkler Weatherization: Frank will begin blowing out the sprinklers on the week of October 19.

New Residents

Andrew Cameron purchased 3523 Cooper Blvd

Mary Johnson purchased 3474 Cooper

Thomas and Sofie Kondro purchased 3482 Sheffield Way

Herb and Jo Ann Griffin purchased 1370 Cooper

Ermilou Bryan

Newsletter Editor


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