October 2020 Newsletter

Halloween is approaching quickly and there will be some children trick or treating. If you would like to provide candy with safe distancing let Kim know ASAP and she will compile a list of addresses and will give them to parents of trick-or-treaters. I am planning to have small sacks set out on my porch. Please remember to drive extra carefully in the neighborhood and keep out for all of little ghouls looking for treats. Fall came in quickly and there is quite a chill in the air. There are many of us still out walking, talking with neighbors, and enjoying the weather. Please remember to check in on residents who may not be able to get out and about. Even though we do need rain, Frank has started to winterize the sprinkler systems. The last yard treatment will be coming soon, hopefully with some rain to follow. Perhaps we need to all do a rain dance. If you are leaving for the winter, be sure to check the batteries in your thermostats so the heat stays on. If a resident needs help in closing vents or removing hoses from the outside faucets let Frank know. If you utilize the curb side service for yard waste, please remember that only yard waste should be included in bags. Please put landscaping material, pots and other trash in your trash can. Leaves and small brush should be bagged. Residents are responsible for leaves in your landscaping, but Frank and his crew will mulch leaves in your yard. Please do not rake leaves and leave them in piles; this is hard on the motors of the mowers. ‌ There will not be an annual barbecue this month due to the virus. I am hopeful that next year we can continue our social gatherings. We were able to have our ice cream social with 51 residents enjoying Andy’s frozen custard provided by our own Randal Schultz. A big thanks to Randal who has provided frozen custard for a number of years. We utilized the club house and the outside areas. Kim and Brenda Meier provide the decorations. The attorney Brian Fisher board president Greg McKinney attended the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on October 8. We both spoke on the issue of proposed changes to the rezoning of the property next door to us. The P and Z commission asked several questions to Mr. Butler. In the end the Commission voted unanimously against the changes to the Zoning. It will probably move forward in the City Council but with a unanimous NO vote it is unlikely that the Council would approve. I will keep you updated on this issue.

There are many holiday parties being planned so it is expected that all residents will stay safe, wear masks, social distance and stay with in safe limits of guests in the club house. There will an election for Board members in December. Board members are elected for three-year terms but can be reelected for one additional term. There are 2 members whose first term will expire. I don’t like to have to constantly remind residents to pick up after their dogs but we continue to have a big problem with DOG POOP. As many residents are out walking it is not fun to step in it nor to be in the yard and find that your neighbor’s dog has left a pile. It is just being courteous and kind to our neighbors to pick up after our dogs. If you have any solutions as to how to solve this problem, please let the Board know. We continue to have a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood. If you have a cat you need to keep it in your home or yard. Animal control could take the cat if it does not have a home.


We are sorry to report that we lost Dr. Leo Wyrsch. Keep his wife Sue in your thoughts.

Ermilou Bryan,

Newsletter Editor


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