November 2020 Newsletter

This has been a beautiful fall with warm temperatures and our trees and shrubs providing much color. Halloween went well with the help from our office administrator, Kim, who collected names of residents who wanted to participate and e-mailed them to us. She also provided us with an approximate number of children we could expect. As we were advised to have our treats individually wrapped and place outside, it was a big help. Thank you to everyone who participated! The leaves waited to drop all at once this past weekend, but Frank and his crew did a good job getting them cleaned up.

Our annual elections are held each year in December. This year there will be two seats available as two Board members have served their three year terms and are up for reelection. Both Greg McKinney and Ermilou Bryan will run for their second term. One member is resigning due to his time restrictions but the Board will appoint a home owner to serve the remaining two years. Cooper Estates residents all have a voice in the affairs of our neighborhood. We have an elected Board to oversee our budgets, Covenants, and By-Laws. When we move into Cooper Estates we agree to abide by the Covenants and By-Laws. We all pay dues to maintain our grounds pay our staff and other amenities. Please consider being a member of our board. You will need to be nominated; or you can volunteer if nominations are not made.

The requirements for the Board of Directors are as follows:

1. Reside within Cooper Estates. Resident occupancy must be in residence no less than 10 months of the year in order to be available to both the Board of Directors and the residents.

2. Have at least 80% attendance per calendar year in both minute recordings in order to be considered a Board member in good standing.

3. Serve for a term consisted of three years. Board members cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

4. Be ineligible for re-election after two consecutive terms. Must remain off the Board for three years before being re-nominated for service on the Board.

5. Have owned and resided their property for one year before being nominated for an open board position.

6. Attend scheduled study sessions which may be held as needed and without prior announcement to the membership for the purpose of addressing the issues of management in the day to day operations of the Association and at the Board of Directors discretion.

7. Attend regular Board meetings which shall be held within the Cooper Estates clubhouse and which will remain open to the membership. Closed Executive meetings may be held at other times to discuss issues of personal.

8. Board meetings shell be held on the Second Tuesday of each month. Call to order shall be no earlier than 6 pm.

9. If there are enough nominations for an election, during election period for a Board of Director open seat, ballots shall be sent to each Owner on the 2nd business day of January and shall be postmarked and returned to the Administrative secretary no later than the 31st of January of that election year. Ballots shall be received and held until the first business day of the following month, at which time the ballots will be tallied by at least two current Board members, and witnessed by a representative designated by each nominated candidate. Election results will be announced during the February Board meeting. If a vacancy occurs on the Board the remaining board members may appoint another Owner to fill the unexpired term. The Board has been working to update our Covenants and the rules and By-Laws. This task should be completed in the near future.

Due to the Covid Virus, the board has not held a monthly Board meeting. Due to the election, there will be a Board study session meeting on December 8th and a Board member meeting on December 15th. Please note this will be the 3rd Tuesday instead of the 2nd due to Frank being on vacation. This meeting will be both in person and zoom. We do want to limit the amount of residents in the clubhouse so if you plan on attending in person, please RSVP with Kim. If you plan to attend the meeting via Zoom, please let Kim know in advance so you have an invitation link for access. At this meeting if a homeowner wants to nominate a Board member or if one wants to nominate themselves now is the time.

We will be decorating the clubhouse house for Christmas on December 3rd at 10:00 AM. Your help is needed. If you would like to help, please call Ermilou Bryan at 350-1120 or call Kim in the office. Frank will be on vacation from Wednesday, November 25 through Wednesday, December 2. If you need anything please contact Kim in the office during this time.

Trash will NOT run on its regular schedule Thursday due to the holiday but will run on Friday. This is the only holiday that our trash will affected this holiday season. Please put your trash out the night before because the pick up schedule will be different. Please remember to put your trash cans back in your garage after the trash is picked up. If you are leaving town, please make sure that you lock up your home. Everyone can help keep unwanted guests away by keeping lights on at night, they don’t like to see lit up yards. The rezoning issue with Napleton Equities concerning the construction of a strip mall on the North West corner bordering Cooper Estates has been withdrawn. Your letters and e-mails to the Planning and Zoning Board of the city Commission were very helpful. There is now a for sale sign on the property so we may have to go through this again. Both Kim and Frank have again blessed us this year with their very fine and dedicated work to make Cooper Estates the friendly outstanding neighborhood it is. As it is our tradition in December, the Board invites you to give a bonus of appreciation to Kim and Frank. The social committee regrets that we cannot not have our annual Christmas party; we will just have to make up for it next year.

When using the clubhouse, please make sure you clean up after your event. The cleaning company comes on Monday night to do a deep clean but we don’t want any germs left for the next event.

Leigh Hooper will be hosting the annual Gingerbread House decorating again this year. This event is open to all children of Cooper Estates. This is scheduled for Saturday, December 19 from 11-1. Leigh brings supplies to make gingerbread houses that the kids can take home and display for the Christmas season so all you need to bring is yourself. With this year being different with Covid, we ask that all adults wear masks and all children 10 years above and encouraged for children younger to wear one as well. Please RSVP with Kim at the office so Leigh knows how many people to expect and how many supplies to bring.

This year instead of just showing up within the 2-hour block, we are separating the time into 2 blocks to keep the amount of people in the clubhouse at once to a minimum. Please let Kim know if you would like to come to block 1 from 11-12:00 or block 2 from 12:00 to 1:00. Happy Thanksgiving and stay well. Ermilou Bryan,

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