May 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

May is here and there is much activity in our neighborhood despite the problems the Covid-19 virus has caused.  We are trimming shrubbery, planting flowers and shrubs as we take care of our personal landscaping to keep our property beautiful. Frank and his crew are mowing and edging.  There is much walking and greeting of neighbors even if it is not advised to get very close.  I had a nice May Day surprise when I found a flower left on my doorstep May 1st.  That is a tradition my children used to follow and a very nice one. When we are walking our dogs let’s remember to carry a bag to pick up after them.  I am sorry that I need to write reminders so often about how important it is to pick up after our dogs but we keep getting complaints.  I stepped in some by my mailbox and I don’t have a dog, also a resident had a pile left in her driveway.  Let’s be thoughtful and respectful of our neighbors. If you have an RV, boat or trailer that you need to bring onto the property, please remember that they are only able to be parked on property for 72 hours if they do not fit into your garage. During the month of April our Board did not meet and carried on the business of the POA by e-mail.  We hope you have been finding information on our web site and FaceBook page.  With the relaxing of some of the safety rules, the Board has now met in person using precautions of 6 feet distant from one another, wipes and face masks.  As restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus are being lifted by the state and city, a motion was passed by the Board to reopen the clubhouse, gym room, pool, and tennis courts with the safety of all residents in mind.  The following rules were approved beginning on May 23rd:

  1. Only residents of Cooper Estates (this does not include extended non-resident family) will be allowed the use of the clubhouse, gym room, pool, and tennis courts.

  2. Handwashing is required, please wash hands as soon as you enter the building.

  3. Limit of 3 people in the gym room at a time.  All users must wipe down the equipment following use.  Disinfectant wipes, spray and paper towels will be provided; with current shortages, you may want to bring your own.

  4. Only 25 residents (that does not include extended family non-resident) will be allowed in the clubhouse for an event.  Disinfectant, wipes, spray, mop, and bucket will be provided.  Users are required to wipe down all doorknobs, countertops, faucets, and any other object they may have touched before they depart the area.

The gym will be open from 6 AM to 10 PM. These rules will be subject to change depending upon the diminishing or returning effects of the virus. The office will continue to be closed.  You can call Kim on her cell (417-299-3958), email her ( with a question or to schedule an appointment to meet.  You can drop payments off in the box that has been attached next to the clubhouse front doors.  If you would like to set up your payments to come out of your account automatically; Kim will send you a form. Other business discussed was as follows:

  1. A vote was taken and passed to authorize Jared Rorabaugh up to $10,000.00 to dispose of old gym equipment and purchase new equipment as phase one in the reconditioning of the gym.

  2. The updating of the Cooper Estates By-Laws and Covenants is ongoing with Paul Lewis in charge. Any changes in the covenant will require a vote of the Cooper POA residents.

  3. Frank was authorized to look into the costs of resurfacing the East tennis court to convert it into a sports court suitable for a variety of sports.

  4. The phone, cable, and A/V updates are being studied as to what will best serve the needs of the office and clubhouse.

  5. The round tables in the clubhouse are to be refinished.

  6. The lake has a leak and is being repaired.

New Residents Please welcome these new residents to our neighborhood: Jeff and Janelle Nelson purchased 3508 Sheffield Way Bill and Nancy Jones purchased 3634 Sheffield Way Karla Vipond purchased 1391 Cooper Blvd Jeff and Michelle Dove purchased 3603 Kensington Randall and Alicia Schulze purchased 1370 Cooper Blvd Jim Colton purchased the lot on Kensington Condolences We are sorry to inform you that we lost the following residents: Sunny Draudt who lived at 3620 Kensington David Kershaw who is the husband of Cathy (1304 Fenchurch) Jim Austin who is the husband of Delores (3645 Sherwood Ct) Ermilou Bryan Newsletter Editor


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