March 2021 Newsletter

Spring is coming. My hyacinths are up and starting to bloom. Frank tells us that the fertilization of the lawns will probably start next week. There will be four applications this year. Ryan Lawn Service is the contractor. They offer six applications and we have contracted for four, 1, 2, 4, and 5. Aeration every two years is a good way to keep your lawn in top condition. Ryan’s could be a good resource to check with for that job. Trim Works will be testing sprinkler backflow in the next week or so. If you see strange men in your yard it may be them. Frank has hired a full lawn crew for this year as lawn mowing will start before we know it. Some of the crew is returning from last year. Let’s treat our workers with respect and kindness. Any complaints should be taken up with Frank not the worker. $5000.00 was spent on snow and ice removal. It is not in Frank’s contract but he cleaned the snow from our driveways. Let’s hear big Thanks.

The Board under the direction of Vice President, Paul Lewis, is continuing to work on the updating of our Covenants and By-laws. This is turning out to be a bigger task that first thought. Frank has been to the courthouse to look at the records of Cooper Estates Covenants and By-Laws and found that there are over a thousand pages of old records. All Covenants are recorded by the city. Our covenants have been revised through the years but the old ones were not rescinded. We will now start from scratch and rewrite new ones. If you have suggestions of what needs to be in the Rules and Regulations, send an e-mail to the office or put it in writing and send it to the office. Many of us moved to Cooper Estates

because we like the rules of keeping our neighborhood attractive and a pleasant place in which to live.

So let’s work on keeping our neighborhood a safe, attractive, and pleasant place. All current Covenants and rules will be in effect until new ones are written and voted upon.

One of our biggest complaints continues to be dog waste. PLEASE, PLEASE pick up after your dog and put the waste in your trash can. There have also been complaints of littering including cigarette butts, drinking cups, etc. Let’s be responsible for our own trash. The board will try to enforce our rules. When a violation occurs a warning will be issued. The next time the same violation occurs a ticket with a fine will be issued. Please send any complaints by letter or e-mail to the office.

The Board is looking into installing dog waste bags and waste stations in the common area around the clubhouse and near the lake. There was a discussion at the board meeting about making a dog park in the common area around the clubhouse.

Work will begin next month to reseal the clubhouse parking lot and refinish the lower tennis court. This court will become a multi-purpose court with new basketball goals and other equipment.

The financial consultant, Todd Ruff has been assisting Kim, our office manager, for the past months in converting our books into a new system. He will be at our April Board meeting to talk with us about what has taken place in the updating.

The pool will be opening on May 14th . A pool party to celebrate the opening is being planned. Stay tuned for further information.

The next Board meeting will be on April 13th by zoom. Kim will send out the information. Please plan to attend.

A suggestion was made at the March board meeting that a place be set aside for a dog park. There is some unused land near the pool. The Board will take this under consideration as to place and cost.

Ermilou Bryan,

Newsletter Editor


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