June 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

As we begin to relax a little from the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19, it is hard to realize that the virus is still here. We want to be out and about and share our beautiful neighborhood and amenities with our friends and families, but parameters must still be in place. We have Covenants and By-laws written for the benefit of all of us. When we purchase property in Cooper Estates we agree to those Covenants and By-laws. We each should have been given a copy when we moved in. Now we have more restrictions ordered for our safety by our Health Department. The Greene County Health Department has stated that pools must be limited to 25% capacity. Because of this mandate, our Board determined and announced that, at this time, the pool can only be available to Cooper residents. This

policy is similar to what other POAs have implemented. It is hoped that this can be changed soon as it is an inconvenience and disappointment to many of us. I have grandchildren and greatgrandchildren that I enjoy having with me at the pool. In the meantime, please let’s all do our part to abide by the Health Department’s expectations. There have been several reported incidents of non-residents frequenting the pool and ignoring the rules. In the coming weeks, there will be a pool monitor checking not only key fobs but also ID’s of those entering the pool. Please be reminded of a few important safety rules to ensure a safe summer at the Cooper Estates Pool.

---Only Cooper Estates residents are allowed at the present time.

---Children 15 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult.

---Rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, and similar “wheeled” devices are not allowed to be used in or around the pool. They may be carried in but not utilized in the pool area.

---Pets are not allowed in the pool area.

---No hanging from or dunking on the basketball net.

The Board understands the unhappiness caused by having restrictions concerning the use of the clubhouse, but again, it is for the safety of all residents that those are in place for now. Hopefully in the near future they can be lifted. Please have patience and think of the wellbeing of yourself and your neighbor.

As there have been complaints of various natures, the Board would like to remind you to follow proper procedures and file a complaint by e-mail or letter to Kim in the office so that the Board can address the problem with proper follow up. Again, let’s all read our Covenants and By-laws as they are for the benefit of all of us. The Board is working on drafts to update those documents so as to make them more readable and understandable. The revised covenants will need to be approved by two-thirds of the residents.

Now for the good news, Board member Jared Rorabaugh, his son Bryce and Frank have repainted the workout room and new equipment has been purchased. There may be three persons in the room at one time. New TVs have been installed along with new AV/internet. Also, a new TV and system is installed in the club great room. Let’s take good care of the equipment so that it can be enjoyed by all. The clubhouse tables are being refinished and new chairs are being ordered.

Frank is continuing to evaluate how to resurface the east tennis court. The west court has had cracks repaired and the cracks painted to match the surface.

Ermilou Brayn

Newsletter Editor


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