July 2020 Newsletter

Please follow the city's guidelines when in the clubhouse for events and wear a mask. This ordinance is in effect for the next 90 days.

It was with a bit of sadness when I went for my morning walk on the 4th of July. For the last two years this has been a day of celebration here in Cooper Estates with a walk/run activity, parae, food, and good fellowship. This year the Coronavirus upset the plans. Hopefully, next year we can go all out in our celebration.

The pool and the clubhouse are now open. Please take precautions, wash your hands, wear masks whenever possible, and disinfect after use. There have been requests for special pool time for our older residents and others with immune comprise. We have found that the occupancy during morning hours is minimal especially between the hours of 8 - 10. So let's set that time for those of us who need the protection of fewer in number. Also, during the week the hours of 4 - 6 are not usually busy.

There is new equipment in the workout room and on the wall is a dispenser for us to disinfect our hands and the equipment. Please use this following your use of the equipment. Springfield has not been as hit as hard by the virus as some places but we do want to do our best to keep our neighborhood safe.

It has been brought to the Board's attention that cars with our green resident's sticker but that no longer belong to Cooper residents have entered the area. If you sell your car be sure to remove the sticker and if you are moving please remove your sticker. Fobs can be turned in to Kim or given to the new resident at closing to be transferred into their name.

The Board is continuing to update our covenants and rules and regulations. These rules are for the benefit of us and we agree to them when we purchase property in Cooper Estates.

There has had to be repairs to the spillway for the lake and to the spillway in the water drainage area off of Sheffield Way. The damage to the spillway off of Sheffield Way was caused by a family of groundhogs that decided t odig out a space for their home at that location.

We are in the process of getting a new email platform that will look more modern and be more user friendly. This will hopefully go live next week so more information will be available soon.

Clubhouse furniture has been purchased and should be delivered in 6 - 8 weeks.

If you have questions or comments for the board, please email them to Kim so the board can discuss them at our study sessions. We hope to resume regular board meetings in the near future as we usually only have around 30 residents in attendance and we can space that many 6 feet apart.

Please clean up your dog's mess, this is not something your neighbors want yout sharing with them.

Hot weather is upon us so try to stay cool.

Ermilou Bryan

Newsletter Editor


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