February 2021 Newsletter

February has come with freezing rain, snow and cold but it is the month celebrating love with

Valentine’s Day. We can make it warm and happy by showing love to family and neighbors and knowing that spring is not far away.

The POA board meeting was on February 9 attended by zoom with 19 attending. The new board member, Kim Hamilton, was introduced. Our board members for 2021 will be Greg McKinney-President, Paul Lewis-Vice President, Kim Hamilton-Treasurer, Ermilou Bryan-Secretary and Jared Rorabaugh-Architectural Chairman.

The matter of ownership of the property surrounding the homes in the third addition final plat in Cooper Estates was discussed. The POA Board has asked our lawyer to look into the matter but the homeowners should take some of the responsibility in solving this problem. Not every deed in this section reads the same so it is confusing as to whether the homeowner actually owns the land surrounding their home or if the POA owns it.

Frank Gardner, Director of Operations, reported that the tennis/pickleball court will be resealed and the east court will be repaired to match it. The east court will be an all-sports area with new basketball goals, volleyball, and badminton nets. Shuffleboard could be marked. This improvement is in our budget for 2021 along with the resealing of the new asphalt around the clubhouse and some tree trimming. There will be four applications of fertilizer and weed killer on our lawns instead of three. The work of laying the fiber optic cables has been completed and cable hook up to individual homes can be

done if the owner wants to subscribe to the service. City Utilities owns the structure but will be leasing it out. It may be eight months to a year before the service is available. Any questions should be addressed to Frank. Massada, the company that has done the work of laying the cables, will be back this spring to repair any holes or sunken places in our yards. If a sewer line was damaged let Frank know as Massada will also do the repair for that.

The ongoing work of updating our Covenants and By-Laws was presented by Vice-President Paul Lewis. Improvements could be made in regard to clarification of architectural stipulations. Several residents have asked to install fences and the rules need to state size and material. There have been complaints concerning trash cans being left in the view from the street; a restriction could be added to item No. 1 under the Amended Rules and Regulations. Read your Covenants and By-Laws and put in writing to the Board if you have changes you would like to have considered. Kim has copies in the office. We are proud of our development and most of us moved here because we have rules and regulations so let’s help to keep it looking at its best.

Girl Scouts were given permission to sell cookies. They will pass out flyers and provide a place where the cookies can be purchased.

There may be a chance that we will be able to celebrate the 4th of July. We will just have to wait and

see. The 4th is a Sunday.

Ermilou Bryan,

Newsletter Editor


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