December 2020 Newsletter

This has been a different Christmas season. Due to the Covid virus, we did not have our usual Cooper Estates Christmas party and the December Board meeting has been held with most of us participating by zoom. Many of us will not be celebrating with friends and relatives but my spirits have been lifted by the decorated homes and yards in our neighborhoods. I always enjoy all the lights across the street from me. It is our hope that next Christmas season we will be able to resume all activities at the clubhouse.

As we are very aware of, Cooper Estates is getting fiber optics. The workmen are moving fast and will be finished very soon. This is a high-speed internet hook-up. We have the option of subscribing to the system. Questions and concerns should be addressed to Frank. This installation is being done all over the city of Springfield.

At our zoom Board meeting, Greg McKinney and Ermilou Bryan were nominated to run for their second term. There were no other nominations at the Board meeting and it was moved and seconded that nominations cease. Kim Hamilton has been appointed by the board to replace Todd Tolbert who resigned due to his work schedule. There will not be a January board meeting and the February meeting will be by zoom.

Todd Ruff, the financial advisor, met with the Board during a study session on December 8. He has been working with Kim to put all financial data in the new Quick book form. The Board discussed the budget for 2021 and made some changes for the final figures. There have been several improvements in the past two years. This year the biggest improvement will be the resurfacing of the east tennis court. It will become multi-use with basketball hoops. The financial report was given as Reserve-$198,077.68; Operating-$51,474.40; CD-$25,056.05; Interest earned $1,778.65.

Happy New Year, may it be a good year for all of us.

Ermilou Bryan,

Newsletter Editor


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