August 2020 Newsletter

It is August already. Due to the recent rain, our yards and flowers are still pretty. No matter what month we are in there are always bushes and flowers in bloom. It is a pleasure to walk around the neighborhood. Thanks to so many of you who provide this beauty. The weeds have also thrived and it seems that every time I walk out the door another weed has popped up. As we are responsible for the area within 4 feet of our foundations and our yard plantings it is sometimes hard to keep the weeds out. If you need help give Frank a call. He may be able to give you a name of someone who can be hired to do the work. If the weeds are left long enough to become unsightly a letter will be sent to remind the homeowner and if the problem is not corrected the weeds will be removed and the homeowner will be billed. Let’s work together to keep our neighborhood beautiful.

The pool is open and there is plenty of fun and sun so let’s enjoy it before the closure in September. The date for the closure has not been set as it will depend on the weather and use. The social committee is considering a safe way to have an ice cream social before the pool closes. More information about that will be coming.

On the note of the pool being open. Please remember that social distancing and mask-wearing is required in common areas when you can’t social distance. If you have a group inside the clubhouse they need to wear a mask. Please stay 6 feet away if you can’t social distance. We do not want to have to close down these areas again because people can’t follow a city ordinance.

Political signs- with the election coming up in a few months many residents may want to show their candidate support. Please remember that according to our Rules and Regulations, Section 4 states that no signs, posters, or displays can be present in yard, doors, or windows where they can be seen. If rules are not followed, the resident could lose privileges to use common areas.

Labor Day- When the upcoming holiday, please remember that trash will run on Monday, September 7 as usual. This is a time where many people are leaving town, but unwanted guests may try to sneak in. Please make sure your property is locked up and try to keep the neighborhood lit up to keep those guests out.

Finally, new tables and chairs have been ordered and should be arriving in the next month. It has been a long drawn out process as it has been hard to meet the criteria of durability, attractiveness, and cost. Another long process has been getting our new QuickBooks accounting system and our bank accounts linked together. Newly updated computers were purchased last year so all information had to be transferred and older transactions corrected so that they would reflect spending and budgeting.

An attorney was hired by the POA to represent our interests in the matter of a proposed rezoning request by Napleton Equities LLC to Lot 4 of the northwest property boarding Cooper Estates. The proposed rezoning would allow the property to be used as a strip mall rather than an official site as was agreed by Cooper Estates in the initial planning. Former board member, Pate Walker, had kept an excellent record of the initial proceedings. The matter was brought before the City Commission on August 13. The Attorney suggested that Cooper Estates residents whose property borders the area should write to the commission their complaints in a respectful manner and that it would be helpful if some of the residents attended the meeting. Frank and a few residents attended the meeting. Due to opposition by many residents of Cooper Estates that attended the meeting or emailed or mailed letters of concern, the city has decided to table the rezoning request while Geoffrey Butler works on the zoning request to better accommodate our residents.

This is a difficult time for many of our residents, again due to the virus, there are not the social activities with friends and family and getting out in the community so let’s remember to phone our neighbors and greet each other when we pass while out walking. Some residents are having outside gatherings where seating can be 6 feet apart and masks are encouraged. Stay safe.

Just for Fun. As you drive or walk around our neighborhood which flowers and bushes can you spot: marigolds, pink lady, ruby slippers, coropis, aster, coneflower, hibiscus tree, hydrangeas, bleeding hearts, mandevillas, geraniums, zinnias, begonias, impatiens and you have probably spotted more. What shrub is currently in bloom?

New Residents

Please socially distance welcome our new residents:

Emily Blankenship purchased 3610 Cromwell Ct

Karen DeKramer purchased 1240 Cooper

Del and Lori Hooge purchased 3620 Kensington

Jack and Linda Frost purchased 3526 Cresswell

Billy and Lisa Whang purchased 3611 Sherwood

Janet Nowak purchased 3433 Cooper

Nancy Hudson purchased 1360 Cooper

Frances Johnson purchased 3474 Cooper

Margaret and Rebecca Reed purchased 3604 Sheffield Way


We are sorry to report that we lost:

Rob Cloepfil, husband of Connie

Sue Israel, wife of Glenn

Ermilou Bryan

Newsletter Editor


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